We are the Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace Network Plus (CUSP).

Our focus is to strengthen artistic and cultural institutions in Low-and Middle-Income Countries so that they can become a reference point for the identification and transformation of social conflict whilst ensuring equal participation of women and girls in this process.

Our project works with arts and cultural institutions in LMIC countries. Through a ‘conflict transformation’ approach and a full and equitable participation of women and girls, CUSP works to strengthen LMIC arts and cultural institutions so they can become a reference point for the identification and transformation of social conflict, including gender-based violence, coercion and injustice. All CUSP’s work is grounded in considerations of environmental justice and respect for local and indigenous knowledges and practices.

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CUSP is a consortium of twelve partners


CUSP works across six countries in four continents.


CUSP will conduct research in three strands.

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CUSP's work will contribute to further understanding of SDG 5 and 16

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CUSP draws together academic and non-academic partners from Ghana, Mexico, Morocco, Palestine and Zimbabwe who work with young people in different artistic and cultural settings. Though often the first to have their rights curbed by oppressive regimes artistic organisations can contribute to a culture of sustainable peace with the benefits felt throughout society. CUSP will explore the extent of this contribution, something that has historically been overlooked in conflict transformation research.

CUSP will undertake three strands of research, focussing on key issues identified by our partners and conflict research agenda.

Original research with core partners 

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Commissioning of research to new partners

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Generation of insight and knowledge exchange

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