New Publication: Gender Based Violence in Morocco

CUSP N+ partner Racines aisbl recently published their report: Gender based violence in Morocco.

The report set out four onbjectives:

• To illustrate the various forms of GBV that exist in Morocco as well as ways in which they are dealt with by the key actors in the fight against GBV.

• To enrich the current documentation on GBV in Morocco.

• To orient future advocacy actions towards the less evoked forms of violence and intervention axes that have for long been ignored.

• To create a network that allows exchange and cooperation between the different actors that operate on GBV in Morocco.

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Network Plus

AHRC Grant Reference: AH/T007931/1

Original research with core partners

Partners in each LMIC geographical location will develop and test practice-led, arts-based methods to translate conflict transformation strategies into artistic and cultural work.

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Commissioning of research to new partners

Based on the insights generated from Strand 1, CUSP and our partners will work collaboratively to develop a series of open questions and funding calls. All partners will work to disseminate funding calls and shortlist and assess applications, with external reviewers, to commission new projects with new partners.

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Synthesis of insights and knowledge exchange / sharing

CUSP partners will work together to highlight the main themes that have emerged from Strands 1 and 2 to inform policy and practice in areas of conflict transformation. This will be done through arts and cultural work.

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Though often the first to have their rights curbed by oppressive regimes, artistic organisations can contribute to a culture of sustainable peace with the benefits felt throughout society.

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